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Is Rafa the Model?

Maybe Rafael Nadal will win another French Open or maybe he won’t. Maybe he is on a permanent career downhill slope or not. No doubt he is great and will take his place in the history of the game, not … Continued

The One-Handed Backhand: So Dead, or is that So Alive?

Recently the New York Times Magazine published an article announcing the death of the one-handed backhand. The basic point was Roger Federer couldn’t exchange backhands with Rafael Nadal’s forehand, and therefore the stroke was obsolete. Now with Stan Wawrinka’s  success … Continued

The Next “Great” Men’s Champion?

Will it be Grigor Dimitrov? Milos Raonic? How about Marin Cilic now that he was won the U.S. Open? Or maybe Kei Niskakori? The Aussie Open is in full swing, so maybe we are gonna see it happen: the emergence … Continued

The Recovery Step: Is It a Myth?

Watch the flow of movement in pro tennis: out to the ball, through the hit, around with the outside recovery step, then the crossover and/or shuffle steps back. It’s not the old idea of move, set up, hit, then move … Continued