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New Teaching Method One Handed Backhand: Recovery

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  • New Teaching Method One Handed Backhand: Recovery

    Would love to discuss my article, "New Teaching Method One Handed Backhand: Recovery"!

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    Nice video, John. Would you say the kick back is acting as momentary brake and assists in providing a firm post for the player to hit against? It's interesting to watch that moment in the stroke in top players and how the rear foot a fraction later unlocks and moves round. It happens in the blink of an eye and it's easy to see how it's easily misunderstood.


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      Yeah I'd agree with that. It's more important that the opposite arm moving back I think in keeping sideways.


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        Great players allow their bodies to figure it out and their bodies usually do. For mere mortals its much more conscious. The beautiful thing about the one-handed backhand is that all these players are smooth and perfect representatives of the stroke. It truly is the most beautiful stroke in tennis. Great work showcasing this John!

        Kyle LaCroix USPTA
        Delray Beach
        SETS Consulting


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