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Nick Wheatley Marginal Gains: Preparing for Competition

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  • Nick Wheatley Marginal Gains: Preparing for Competition

    Let's discuss Nick Wheatley's latest article, "Marginal Gains: Preparing for Competition"

  • klacr
    Having great strokes is one thing. Having the knack for competing and understanding how to win matches is another. Enjoyable article from Nick. Great to see the NorCal Paradise Court get some use. Love that place.
    Using specific games and drills to identify patterns, strategies and tactics are crucial. Also critical to understand your own strengths and the best way to utilize them.
    One of my favorite games and a good way to focus on the execution is to have one player practice only underspin and the other only topspin. See how it plays how and start to notice the wheels start turning and they can get into a nice groove of consistent but competitive rallying.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Delray Beach
    SETS Consulting
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