1-2 Rhythm on the Two Hander

Nick Wheatley

Phase 1: Smooth and Deliberate. Phase 2: Explosive!

In my first article (Click Here) we saw how to develop 1-2 Rhythm on the forehand. Now let's turn to the two-hander.

What is 1-2 rhythm? A simple idea that breaks down tennis strokes into just two parts. Part 1, the set-up phase, is smooth and deliberate. Part 2, the execution phase, is explosive and full of energy. Feeling this rhythm helps players improve their timing and energy transfer into their shots.


Although the basic principle is the same, there are key differences between the forehand and two-handed backhand that relate to the pattern of racket acceleration. As we saw in the first article on the forehand, the racket can start building acceleration just before the transition point between the two phases. But the acceleration starts a little later on the two-hander.

Let's see how that works. And one interesting additional point: some of the most common technical flaws on the two-hander tend to magically disappear when players develop the 1-2 Rhythm pattern.

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