The Backhand Slice
and 1-2 Rhythm

Nick Wheatley

What are the keys in developing 1-2 Rhythm on the slice?

Like all the groundstrokes, a well struck slice backhand slice has 1-2 Rhythm. However, there are real differences in the feeling of executing 1-2 Rhythm on the slice compared to the drive groundstrokes.

These differences are especially important to understand for players who hit the one-handed backhand drive. (Click Here for 1-2 Rhythm on the forehand. Click Here for the two-hander. And Click Here for the one handed backhand drive.)

The differences in 1-2 Rhythm on the slice have to do in part with the shape of the swing. But the most important differences are in the relative role of the body and legs.

There is some body rotation on the slice, but it is minimal compared to the forehand or the two hander, and also appreciably less than the one-handed drive. The same is true of the uncoiling of the legs. There is noticeably less knee bend on most slices compared to the other groundstrokes.

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