1-2 Rhythm:
The Single-Handed Backhand

Nick Wheatley

Like other groundstrokes, the one-handed backhand is hit with 1-2 Rhythm.

In the first two articles in this series we have looked at a timing concept called 1-2 Rhythm, first for the forehand (Click Here) and then for the two-handed backhand (Click Here).

Does the same concept apply on the one-handed drive? Yes.

What Is it?

1-2 Rhythm breaks down tennis strokes into two parts. Part 1 is the set-up phase which is slower and feels smooth and deliberate. Part 2 is the execution phase, which is faster and has a feeling of explosion and high energy.

The concept isn't based on the analysis of technical elements, which sometimes can lead to paralysis. 1-2 Rhythm overcomes the paralysis issue by creating a different modality for activating strokes on court.

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