Gunther Bresnik

Gunther Bresnik

Interviewed By John Yandell

What, you never heard of him? What if I told you Gunther Bresnik is the only tour coach I know of with two players in the top 50 in the ATP rankings? Ernests Gulbis and Dominick Thiem. The son of two doctors, the owner of a (purposefully) small academy in Austria where he was born, Gunther is one of the most low key and probably most intelligent coaches I've meet in my meanderings through the tennis world. Hear him talk about his background and his work with both players in this exclusive Tennisplayer interview. Included are his views on two of his players' notable strokes. First the Ernests Gulbis "swim" forehand. (Click here to check that out.) Second Dominic Thiem's gorgeous one-handed backhand. (Click Here to see that one!)

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