Three Keys to the Kick

Jeff Salzenstein

Certain factors in developing a great kick serve aren't widely understood.

In this article I want to discuss three important factors in developing a kick serve, factors that aren't always well understood. The first is stance. The second related factor is body turn.

The third is the X factor. This is the intersecting double arc created by the path of the toss and the path of the swing.


Which stance is better to develop an amazing kick serve? There is no doubt you can develop a good or even a great kick serve with a pinpoint stance as long as a lot of the elements are correct. (Click Here for Chris Lewit's series on the kick based on the Pinpoint.)

But I believe the platform is better. Why? I believe players with pinpoint stances tend to open their bodies too early. This can cause you to come across the ball too much with the racket and hit too much slice.

The platform stance on the other hand keeps the rear leg in place. It also allows you to turn your shoulders away from the ball further than with the pinpoint.

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