Golden Move #6: Low Spin

Golden Move #6:
Low Spin

David Bailey

Renowned footwork expert David Bailey continues his incredible series on the 12 Golden Moves for world class footwork, this time teaching you the sixth move—Low Spin. The Low Spin move, usually hit semi-open, creates power by aggressive hip spin. In this segment David shows the key to hitting it both down the line and crosscourt by controlling the angle of the outside foot.

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David Bailey is a native Australian who has spent 15 years studying tennis at the professional level. He has developed a new language for one of the most complex and misunderstood aspects of the game, footwork and court movement. David has worked with world class players and coaches, national tennis associations and top academies, and has presented at coaching seminars around the world. His teaching system, the Bailey Method, has become a regular part of the coaching curriculum at the Nick Bollettierri Tennis Academy, where it is personally endorsed by Nick

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