Paul Lubbers: Team USA and the Pathway to the Top

Paul Lubbers: Team USA and the Pathway to the Top

Interviewed by John Yandell

What is the international demographic portrait of a future pro champion? In this fascinating second interview Paul Lubbers explains that future top hundred pro players are virtually all in the system playing national events in the 12s, regardless of nationality. More interesting still, from the time they get their first ATP point, there is a 4 year window to reach the top 100—after that it is highly unlikely to happen. And for players that will eventually reach the top 10, this move to the top 100 happens much faster—in two years or less.

What is Team USA and how is it trying to facilitate this process? The focus has shifted to the players themselves and their needs—coaching wise, money wise, training wise, and to offering a diversity of services and support to put the players themselves in charge of their own teams.

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