Walking the Mental
Toughness Talk: The Gold Ball

Jeff Greewald

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If you had match point for a national title with your 9 year old son watching, and the umpire defaulted your opponent for ball abuse, would you take it? Jeff Greenwald wouldn’t and went on to serve out the match. In the first article in this incredible new series he explains why. Cliches about the mental game are rampant. But Greenwald walks the talk, taking this title in the 40 and over division for the third time—at the age of 51.

How did he do it? Jeff explains how he applied his life’s work in player development at each stage of the tournament. What went through his mind and how he dealt with it all including the tactical and mental adjustments he made in real time. In this series we will understand the principles used by a mental coaching expert who actually lives what he coaches.

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