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Tour Strokes

Nate Chura

The Boris Becker Serve - New

Tom Downs

Grand Sam: Samantha Stosur's Forehand
Grand Sam: Samantha Stosur's Serve Motion

Bobby Bernstein

The Pro Return of Serve

Paul Cohen

A Comment on Locked Elbow and Bent Elbow Forehands

Jeff Counts

The Forehand: A Spring Event
The Forehand: A Spring Event: Part 2
The Windshield Wiper Forehand
Coming into Contact: The Double Bend Forehand
The Straight Armed Forehand
The Straight Arm Forehand: Part 2
The Straight Arm Forehand: Part 3

Christophe Delavaut

How Rafa Changed His Serve and Won the U.S. Open

Jason Frausto

Donald Young's Forehand
How Rafael Nadal Changed His Forehand
Forehand Differences: Pro Women and Pro Men

Doug Eng

The Modern Two-Handed Backhand: Building Your Two Hander
The Modern Two-Handed Backhand: Two Paths to Power
Modern Two-Handed Backhand: Grip Combinations
Improving Your Service Rhythm
The Three Service Rhythms: Part 2
The Three Service Rhythms

David Porter, EdD

The Components of the Modern Forehand

David Porter, EdD

The Components of the Modern Forehand

Jeffrey F McCullough

The Two Handed Forehand: Past, Present, Future

Bill Mountford

The Modern Volley

Bungalow Bill

The Philippoussis Backhand

Dick Gould

Learning From the Greats

Nick Bollettieri

The Andre Agassi Forehand
The Agassi Backhand
The Tommy Haas Backhand

Rick Macci

The Andy Roddick Serve
The Andy Roddick Forehand
The Venus Williams Backhand
Developing Capriati's Groundstrokes

John Yandell
The Sampras Serve

High Speed and Heavy Spin
The Raccquet Path
The Sampras Toss
Developing Advanced Footwork
Radical Torso Rotation
The Left Launch
Second Serve

John Yandell

Maria Sharapova's Serve - New
Tomas Berdych's Forehand
Juan Martin Del Potro's Forehand
Serena's Serve and Venus's Two-Hander
The McEnroe Serve