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    Tennis Etiquette…R. I. P.

    Originally posted by klacr View Post
    Although I'm a traditionalist, I would welcome this new idea.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton
    I know…it's an old fashioned word. Like love is. But come on…Jimmy Connors may have taken a few bounces…a couple of extra. He went to the towel later in his career when he needed to buy a little time between points. But even he had his limits…or did he?

    Human nature being what it is generally knows few boundaries. I guess that is one of the romantic aspects of the game that is missing now. Ever since the amateur game went away with the advent of "Open Tennis". The money sure does change things…doesn't it?

    I'm a bit of a traditionalist too. At least when it comes to tennis…and respecting the borders and boundaries of other countries…and people for that matter. I think it is really sad what players like Nadal and Djokovic have done to the serving ritual. Afterall that is what it is…a ritual. As in golf…the pre-shot routine. They have crossed the line and I'm afraid as with all things there is no turning back.

    What Nadal and Djokovic do is borderline psychopathic. At best it shows no respect for their opponent and at worst it shows disdain and a complete lack of regard for the person on the other side of the net. Personally I don't know why one of the other players doesn't stand up to these bullies and put a stop to it. Everytime Nadal pulled that nonsense serving to me he would have to be wondering if I wouldn't be putting up my hand to signal that I wasn't ready. Then he either has the choice to go into his trance again or to get on with business.

    I am certain that the fans would get the message real quick…and most likely they would applaud. Doing this two or three or four times a game would cure these egomaniacs of their attention getting devices real quick. People in general would in this case worship the "Disruptor".

    Once again it is Roger Federer who is the shining example of what is "Fundamentally Correct". The nonsense in between points has gotten out of hand with the use of the towel, the utter bossing around of the ball kids and this retarded bouncing of the ball ritual. The prima donnas check through all of the balls to make sure they are serving the one with the least wear…well except for DownTown Dustin Brown. Whatever happened to Tennis Etiquette where the rule of thumb was that one shouldn't do ANYTHING to take unfair advantage of your opponent? To answer my own question it has gone the way of the other traditional values that used to be integral parts of our lives. Nobody cares…or they are too scared to say anything. Or perhaps now it has gotten to the point that people do not even know right from wrong. A sad case of "Virtual Morality".
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      It's more and more like a war out there. And in war, people do what they have to do to win, even if it takes stalling on the bounces, bathroom breaks, fake injury time outs, fiddling with your butt crack.


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        Murray on time violations...

        Grey area...no clock on the court...players have no way of knowing how long they are taking. See this short Murray interview on the topic of time violations.


        Valid points by Andy Murray. Bring on the BIG clock, please.
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