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ATP 3 ... what's next John Yandell?

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  • ATP 3 ... what's next John Yandell?

    A question for John Yandell ...

    Your article speculating on the future was useful to what we are attempting to do on this side of the pond.

    Two questions:


    You've covered the ATP 3 extensively. ATP 4, what do you see happening (pure speculation). Are their things about this current ATP 3 model you think will be exposed in time? Will it be academies, associations driven, or player playground driven (ATP 4) ? Is anyone close, or even in the ballpark to a new you've seen play?


    What Under 20 players intrigue you most from a technical perspective? Are you seeing anything that is even slightly game changing in a young players ball toss, serve, volley, forehand, backhand, swing volley, court positioning or transitional game? What young kids excite you? Who do you think has had some serious development, and is onto a next?

    BTW, anyone know the origins of the ATP 3, and how you all think it transpired down the pipeline?
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    I didn't "discover" the so called ATP strokes and not sure why you are calling them ATP 3 except Brian Gordon who really deserves the credit called the backswings types 1, 2,3.
    According to Brian and I tend to believe him on most things the current stroke models he advocates (and again I am learning in part from him) are optimum, so no I don't have an inkling of something else.
    As I have written a few times I think the swinging volley is the next advance...
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      The uni grip swinging volley, even inside the service line.


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        Originally posted by GeoffWilliams View Post
        The uni grip swinging volley, even inside the service line.
        Exciting in the way that swatting a fly is exciting. But at 75 I think I'll devote all of my volley revision neurons to learning the Welby Van Horn half body rotations in Chapter 10 of SECRETS OF A TRUE TENNIS MASTER.


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