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Clay Tech: The Clay Court Solution?

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  • Clay Tech: The Clay Court Solution?

    Would love to discuss "Clay Tech: The Clay Court Solution?"

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    Clay Tech…Roland Garros for 50K

    Originally posted by johnyandell View Post
    Would love to discuss "Clay Tech: The Clay Court Solution?"

    I proposed that the new owner of the Knistad Golf and Country Club, where I am currently teaching golf, install two of these Clay Tech courts over two dilapidated asphalt courts that are virtually an eyesore to the property. I told him that they would look just like Roland Garros. Some cool wind screens…and voila.

    Former top ten Swedish tennis player Magnus Gustafsson sells and installs this product. He's an acquaintance of mine…super guy. Brad Gilbert was 1-0 against him…a first round win at the 1993 U. S. Open. I like Brad Gilbert. Always have. He's what you would call a cagey tennis player. His serve wasn't the greatest but he sure knows where the lines are. It figures he is on to this product. He's right about the clay court stuff. A junior training centre that includes this type of surface makes all of the sense. You need hard courts too. Nice and fast. When you get started…give me a call.

    Having been here in Europe for ten years it is almost inconceivable to me that any tennis club would not have outdoor red clay courts. It's really the only way to go. You would be surprised at the wear and tear on the knees and hips when you can slide and ease you weight into the swing instead of the abrupt and jarring impact that you get from the hard courts. Har-Tru is only a poor facsimile.

    This product is the real thing. They are using it in Davis Cup matches in Europe now. The winters in Sweden can be understandably harsh and even the warmer months have their fits of shitty tennis climate weather. These courts are playable even in the winter. It eliminates the spring time rehabbing of the clay. Just brush off the snow. These courts require a minimum of maintenance and are very well suited for "bubble cover" in the winter. The bounce is fantastic…the perfect combination for play is Clay Tech and Tecnifibre tennis balls. The best ball in the world.

    Two thumbs up on this one…and you know me. Not one to give it up easily.
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      My boss just built two of these for our facility, and I gotta say, they are awesome. They play slow, soft on the feet, and frankly, the bounce is truer then on our regular clay courts...They've been a smashing success with our clients.


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        Thumbs up here too...

        We call it artificial clay over here. One club local to me recently invested in them and their members really like them. Above everything else they are easy on the legs, which the average middle aged club player really appreciates. You can also develop good junior players on the stuff...unlike Astro Turf.

        Tennis surfaces are decided upon and selected by the masses over here. Club members vote with their feet. So if you can develop a surface to please the middle-aged, pot-bellied folk, and that has the capability of developing good players also, you're on to a winner.


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          I have the luxury of being in Florida at a private high end club. We have 12 courts, 11 of which are clay (10 har-tru-green and 1 red) and hydrogrid which is an underground watering system. Always great to see how companies innovate and find solutions to bring the joys of clay to more people.

          I've spoken to Brad and wife about the court he had built. The design and lighting and all that good stuff. I also happen to know Pat Hanssen very well from Har-Tru company. When I was the clay court manager up in Michigan he would come out once a year to help us resurface the courts. Class act guy.

          Nice article about this new breakthrough court. I hope more people take advantage of this surface.

          Kyle LaCroix USPTA
          Boca Raton


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