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The Real Story of the 1946 Davis Cup: Part 1

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  • The Real Story of the 1946 Davis Cup: Part 1

    Let's discuss Gardnar Mulloy and "The 1946 Davis Cup: Part 1"

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    How fascinating! We think of the golden amateur age of gentleman's tennis...HA!


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      It's an amazing tale. The egos and the behavior behind the scenes.


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        This still goes on at all levels of play. The "indispensable" one in this story got to take his wife. The "indispensable" where I play get to skip selection practices and still get in the first team. This is where captaincy can be excruciatingly difficult.

        I have captained many teams. It can be galling having to pander to players at times. But if it's the final game of the season and you need to win it, then sometimes you have to select a player you would like to punch on the nose.

        The bias described in the article towards playing Californian doubles teams in that era seems a little odd. Was it really this way or just Kramer pulling the power strings? Surely you cannot pick a team on the basis of the state where they come from?


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