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Fred Kovaleski: Champion and Spy

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  • Fred Kovaleski: Champion and Spy

    Let's get your thoughts on Lee Tyler's article, "Fred Kovaleski: Champion and Spy"

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    Just in line with the thread I posted on "Keep Swinging That Racket"! Great to see guys like Fred and Gardnar playing tennis at a high age.

    The message is: never stop playing.

    I have a friend who is 80 and works out 4 hours a day and plays tennis. Why? "I want to die fit" he told me!
    Regards, Phil


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      Fred Kovaleski.

      Holy Cow! I bet this guy has some stories. Some of which, if he told me he may have to kill me. Very intriguing man and an incredible life, and TENNIS plays a major role. The undeniable power of tennis.

      Kyle LaCroix USPTA
      Boca Raton


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        I Spy…Fred Kovaleski, Robert Culp and Bill Cosby

        "I Spy" was an excellent weekly television program on in the days of black and white television. The series ran from 1965 to 1968. I remember watching it regularly as a kid.


        Robert Culp played the tennis playing spy as noted in the article but it isn't mentioned that Bill Cosby was his partner. It was a first for television where a black man was paired with a white man. There used to be a plethora of entertaining shows on television that people would tune in on a weekly basis.

        These days is the days of garbage television. A storyline like the moronic "2 1/2 Men" passes for entertainment. Fart jokes and retarded sexual innuendoes. Or how about "Modern Family"? It seems that television has not necessarily "evolved" as much as its programming has been engineered to dumb down the viewing population. I'm not saying the this mirrors the world of tennis…or am I? Life in general? Could be.

        But yeah…Fred Kovaleski. I guess working for the CIA must have been an interesting experience for him. Osama Bin Laden also worked for the CIA according to many accounts. He's in great company…isn't he?
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