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1-2 Rhythm: The Serve

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    Originally posted by tennis_chiro View Post
    Just go to the ATP site and pull up Andy Roddick. You can pull up player stats for his career or individual years. That's where I got those other stats.

    And Andy's serve stats are pretty good. His motion was/is very complicated, but he repeated his rhythm like a metronome. He hit almost an ace per game in his career, but only one double fault every 6 1/2 games. And for my money, you can see a clear relationship between the forward movement of his rock and the toss of the ball; it was only after the ball left his hand that he went into his deep knee bend.

    Thanks! I read Yandell's article on Roddick. The guys gotta have the best first serve of all time.


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      Possibly! With inhuman shoulder flexibility.


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        What really impressed me about Roddick was when John pointed out quantitatively that Roddick's 2nd serve had more MPH's AND RPM's that Sampras.


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