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Invisible Greatness: Fitness, Diet, and the Open Mind

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  • Invisible Greatness: Fitness, Diet, and the Open Mind

    Let's discuss Nate Chura's article, "Invisible Greatness: Fitness, Diet, and the Open Mind"

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    Players today are high performance machines. Fine tuned pieces of engineering. They require the best for what their specific bodies require and that fuel not only fuels them, it protects them from injury. Their bodies are the most important asset they have, its a temple, they know how to treat it right. You can never out-train a bad diet.

    Credit to Djokovic's first coach for taking his desires at 6 years old of wanting to become #1 seriously. One of the greatest responsibilities we have as coaches is to respect and encourage our player's desires. It's a privilege for them to share their time and energy with us. We need to take advantage of it and maximize it. Sounds like Coach Jelena did.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton


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      Invisible Greatness

      Well put, Kyle.

      Personally, I have always valued and tried to find creative ways of implementing liberal arts education into my tennis program, not least because I want my tennis students to be better leaders and citizens. It was great to learn about Novak's experience and how it has made him a better tennis player and human being.

      Any similar success stories any of you want to share?




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        This article Kyle wrote says a lot!

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