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A New Method: Forehand Hitting Arm Structures

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  • A New Method: Forehand Hitting Arm Structures

    Would love to get your thoughts on my latest article, "A New Method:
    Forehand Hitting Arm Structures"!

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    Good video. Love the clips of not just the pros, but of some of the ams. Nice court as well

    I think this quote from Nick Saviano in his book Maximum Tennis and his excerpts published on this site in his 3 part 'Optimize Your Technique' articles say it best...

    "Focusing on the true fundamentals of technique will allow your natural hitting style to emerge, enabling you to hit cleanly, consistently, and with power. No standard technique or swing path for a stroke exists that is optimum for all players. However, there is an optimum technique for each individual player."

    Straight arm or double bend. Funny how the most complete player in the game of tennis (Federer) actually does both.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton


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      Great piece on hitting arm structure. And I am really looking forward to your article on the wrist. So important, and so much confusion on it. I think the best forehands out there almost completely relax their wrist on the forward move to contact and allow it to function as kind of a hinge rather than consciously or rigidly laying back their wrist to contact.


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        John -

        I'm 67 now and somewhere between 4.5 and 5.0. My two-bend forehand has always been a weapon but suffered from frustrating inconsistency, which I think I finally determined - after much video review - to be caused by occasionally striking the ball too close to my body causing a feeling of being cramped and feeling somehow that the popular two-bend configuration was robbing me of power. A month ago I began a campaign to try the straight arm forehand and the results have been excellent. I'm getting more pace, higher consistency and excellent location control. Your new article on the straight arm FH offered good feedback and thoughtful analysis. I still hit double bend forehands as I try to make a full transition to the straight arm but I can tell immediately when I hit a double bend forehand as it no longer feels good. Anyway the straight arm is good for me.

        You CAN teach an old dog new tricks and that's why I stay subscribed!

        Stan Werlin


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          Forehand Hitting Arm Structures by John Yandell

          I am a Tennis Teaching Pro and I attest to the fact that John has highlighted a very important point.

          The percentage of top players who hit their forehands with straight arm at contact is probably less than 1%, and those who hit their forehands with double bend is around 99%. On this count only, the double-bend forehand wins.

          Although the straight-arm forehand may provide more reach as it is hit more out in front and more to the right side, it is also responsible for mishits and shanks on easier balls. If you compare Roger Federer's forehand with Djokovic's forehand you will arrive at conclusion that Djokovic forehand is more reliable and provide more flexibility.

          For the Club players I will never recommend straight-arm forehand as it is quite painful to hit that way as the club players' arms are not as strong as Federer's or Nadal's.

          In my coaching coaching analysis, the double bend forehand is more biomechanically sound.

          Once again great article by John Yandell.

          Mahboob Khan
          High Performance Coach
          Islamabad, Pakistan


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            Thanks for the great article. Very interesting your advice to allow yourself to hit whichever style feels best. I think I'm in the minority as I naturally gravitate toward the straight arm forehand.

            It seems that the preparation is the same for straight and bent-arm forehands. The contact is more in front and to the outside for the straight arm.

            Are there other differences in the swing path, body rotation, or stance specific to the straight arm forehand?



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              Great questions and I think the answer is no. Those other factors are all variables that apply to both hitting arm structures.


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