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Fourth Golden Move: The Back Foot Hop

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  • johnyandell
    started a topic Fourth Golden Move: The Back Foot Hop

    Fourth Golden Move: The Back Foot Hop

    Let's discuss David Bailey's article, "Fourth Golden Move: The Back Foot Hop"

  • klacr
    Good move. Great for junior players to develop this when they start getting high balls. I normally don't find myself getting that far back as my game is strongly forward towards net but I see many players who mishandle this shot with disastrous execution. A big component of footwork is recognizing the type of ball you are getting ASAP. Many players struggle to get back in time or stubborn to stay ON the baseline. When a player recognizes the height of the ball and spin only then do they have a strong chance. When they can recognize and perform this pattern it is pretty awesome to watch.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton

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