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Del Potro: Did His Injury Make Him a Better Player?

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  • johnyandell
    I have often thought Deplo Berdych Isner and Tsonga would all have been awesome one handers

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  • arturohernandez
    I think it definitely made him a more complete player. It is hard to say it made him a better player. I mean he was really good to begin with.

    His backhand volley is really nice now. I do wonder why he did not just hit a topspin one hander. Maybe this hurts his wrist or he is not a natural one hander and so it was not worth trying in a match.

    However, this article is making an interesting argument. Essentially, it is arguing that players with two handed backhands have to work to develop a slice and that one handers have a natural advantage in that respect.

    Just a few years ago people were pronouncing the death of the one handed backhand.

    Now we have a player who could not hit a two handed backhand being considered better because he could not hit a two hander.

    So, if you can, why not just hit a one hander to begin with...

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  • ccrood
    I think absolutely, his injury and forced adjustment has made him a better player. He never overplays his backhand. His shot selection is spot on. The forehand is MUCH improved as a weapon, especially the inside out. Another player with a similar injury was Alex Bogomolov in 2010. He had surgery on his left wrist and was forced to incorporate a slice into his game. He was teaching in NY during his recovery and doubting a comeback. He ended up comeback player of the year ATP ranking about 35. I was helping him when he saw the DR and received the news he must have surgery. Happy for him and Delpo. I saw the match in Miami when Delpo beat Nishikori. Delpo weathered the storm early with great defense and shot selection.

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  • klacr
    A better player tactically perhaps, but most importantly is the mental side. Having been out and his career in doubt, he came back with much better perspective, positive attitude and gratitude.
    When a gift is taken away from you, one that you have had for most of your life and the only real applicable skill that sets you apart from 99.9% of
    the world, you are more willing to embrace it once it returns. For most people, it doesn't.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton

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  • Del Potro: Did His Injury Make Him a Better Player?

    Let's get your thoughts on Matt Cronin's latest article, "Del Potro: Did His Injury Make Him a Better Player?"

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