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Techniques for Developing Confidence

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  • johnyandell
    started a topic Techniques for Developing Confidence

    Techniques for Developing Confidence

    Let's discuss Ben Loeb's article, Techniques for Developing Confidence

  • nytennisaddict
    great article... and thanks for posting a link back to the article, in this forum thread
    only thing(s) that have worked for me, are
    * staying in the moment
    * focus on specific things i can control

    for me, "staying positive" is too vague, and not actionable... and even things like "visualize a great return on break point" are opposite of of staying in the moment/forget about the score. but i guess i can see it working if you're using it as a sorta checkpoint of things like "split, stay low, weight forward on contact, etc..." (eg. specific actionable items that i can control in the moment).

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  • klacr
    What an awesome and inspiring article. Confidence is a fleeting thing, especially in tennis. These high school kids are lucky to have this coach.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton

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