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Roger Federer versus Patrick Rafter...Roland Garros first round...1999

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  • Roger Federer versus Patrick Rafter...Roland Garros first round...1999


    Had a referral for this match from stroke. Thanks man. Seventeen year old Roger Federer facing off with the defending U. S. Open champion Patrick Rafter. Rafter was never a favourite of mine. Guess why? It is the infernal Prince racquet of course. He seems like a decent sort but there is something in my DNA that will always hate the "Prince" racquet. The scourge of tennis. The awful bane. Throw Andre Agassi and Micheal Chang in there with Rafter and then send all of them off into the mulch pile. Head first.

    Ironically...late in the match the commentator makes the comment that he saw a blurb that was attributed to Rafter. Everyone thought that Rafter was just a "Prince" of a guy...a reporter asked him, "Does anything bother you?" The ironic reply out of the mouth of Rafter was, "People who take advantage."

    Well that is what he is doing here to the seventeen year old future Super Star...taking advantage. Federer using 85 square inches of the Wilson Pro Staff and Rafter using the "cheater's" choice the gay Prince blade. Not that there is anything wrong with gay as Seinfeld would say.

    Thanks for the referral stroke...it was so good I thought it was deserving of a post and comments. Interesting comments about his technique. Worth a share...don't you think?

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    no doubt, Roger at 17, a real treat. At one point in the match, the commentator said Roger is a future top 10 player. That is so true. Speaking of racquets, I think here(not sure) Pat was playing with a 97 inch Prince Precision Response here, not the 107 used by Andre and Chang. If true, what if Roger has started using that racquet in 1999? I would be surprised if the specs on Pat's stick here are not very close to what Roger now uses.
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