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Interactive Forum June 2019: Dominic Thiem 2nd Serve

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  • Interactive Forum June 2019: Dominic Thiem 2nd Serve

    Dominic Thiem Second Serve

    Last month we looked at Dominic Thiem's first serve in both courts from 3 angles (Click Here.)

    This month we do the same on his second. Even more kick!

    Check out the change in the ball position on his toss - more to left and further behind him, his incredible arm action and explosive leg drive.

    Only on Tennisplayer!

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    Dominic Thiem Second Serve


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      It's a wonderful serve. The only thing I find strange about it is he doesn't sway into his motion. He just stands dead straight then bends his knees to start proceedings. I always like to see good weight transfer because I feel it promotes good rhythm. Just a little rock backwards then forwards would take away that stiff look.


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        You are only as good as your second serve. Dominic Thiem is #4 in the world for a reason.

        Kyle LaCroix USPTA
        Boca Raton


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          Interesting how he tosses his ball in front of him but when he strikes the ball, it is behind him and his eyes are looking away.


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            Phantastic serve, simple, all concepts in place, very powerful and accurate, a real model... thx for posting


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              A great serve. He seems like Rafter to me. Better at creating a heavy serve that pushes the receiver back and/or causes a mishit or framed return. Shows that hitting fast and getting lots of aces is not the key to winning in tennis.


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