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A New Teaching System: Two Handed Backhand The Hitting Arms

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  • A New Teaching System: Two Handed Backhand The Hitting Arms

    Would love to discuss my article, "A New Teaching System: Two Handed Backhand The Hitting Arms!"

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    John -

    I'm really enjoying your series on 2 Handed Backhands, they're full of golden teaching nuggets, great stuff. On a different subject only for my curiosity, in analyzing the different hitting arm structures based on Brian Gordon's research, can one deduct that the bent/bent arm structure is less capable of hitting a true heavy ball (both speed and spin)? In Brian's discussion about forehand's he discusses the importance of an independent arm motion and a straight arm at contact to achieve a "true" heavy ball (both forward and vertical racquet head speed). This will maximize the amount of internal shoulder rotation. Is the same true about 2 handed backhand? Does the bent/bent arm structure make for a trunk dominated swing that will provide either speed or spin but not both? Thanks for indulging me.



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      Brian thinks so and I am not in a position to disagree. The question is what increment for whom. Don't think it's black and white and probably varies among players. At lower levels bent bent is certainly fine and even in the pros there are many great backhands with that configuration.
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        As the article indicates, I think you have to let the person do whatever comes naturally since all three work. I've never seen a pro try to coach someone out of their desired configuration, although don't think most coaches are even aware of the variations.


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          Agreed. There are Slam champions with all three. How much could that matter to the rest of us?


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            John -

            I just went back and re-read your articles on "Technical Flaws in the 2 Handed Backhand" featuring John Isner, Milos Raonic & Jack Sock. Fascinating articles that demonstrate the complexity of the 2 Handed Backhand with different grips/hitting arm structures and the different effects they create.



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              I think you can teach bent/bent. I have done it often with girls and usually achieve it. I find bent/bent is the best configuration for most girls. I don't like straight/straight because it doesn't allow for minor adjustments in situations where the player might slightly overrun the ball. I particularly don't like straight/straight where the arms are dead straight in the early preparation phase.

              I think Connors was straight/staright, though, and he had an amazingly good backhand.

              Bent/straight is the best configuration but almost impossible to teach as players tends to get confused about what arms doing what.

              On balance, except with the girls, it's better coaches go with the flow...a bit like straight arm and double bend on the forehand.


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                Tend to agree!


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