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Ash Barty, conqueror of the big bash era?

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  • Ash Barty, conqueror of the big bash era?

    Originally posted by arturohernandez View Post
    It is interesting to see how women hit different than men. Strength and power make a difference and it seems that women have to get the racket back farther in order to generate power. Or maybe they have a bit more time. In any case, I think this is a very nice forehand for the baseline big basher era. However, my guess is that it is not as amenable to playing inside the court and to the type of adaptability needed to handle an approach shot with all types of different balls.

    So it seems that she is able to generate plenty of power but that it requires her larger frame to do so.

    Obviously, it is a great weapon but I really wonder how it would hold up if she were pressed with either slice or with someone making her hit the ball somewhere else besides the baseline.

    Problem is there aren't too many women who make players do that regularly these days.
    I pasted in a quote from last year above


    Ash Barty has arrived and her main tool is to make the big basher's move off of the baseline and either into the court or out wide.

    Wondering how people see Ash Barty's game. She is very unusual in that she is good at doubles and singles. Played cricket for 18 months due to burnout as a young adult and she is 5'5" She seems like a version of Hingis, Henin and Chris Evert all rolled into one.

    Maybe something like a female Fed if there ever could be one. A little later developing but with the variety and game to neutralize and attack all the players out there.

    If she stays healthy and motivated, I could see her making the current crop of top women players very uncomfortable. If only she had a topspin one handed backhand, then I would say she is a true anomaly. But I will take what I can get and what she has is a truly superb one handed slice and great volleys.

    And she is not a copy or created in a factory.
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