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    Long time no see. Hope you are well.
    Great to see Seiji still has that backhand. He's a senior in college already!? Time flies
    seano hits a lot of the technical points which I agree with. One observation I have is whats between his ears. I'd love to actually see what happens between the points. His mannerisms and rituals. His 16 second cure. Maybe its his disposition but he seems like a laid back kid. But it certainly looks like his shots lack a purpose. He plays with a looseness with an improvisational quality to it. He has the shots but not sure he is utilizing his full skill set. very good player and he has come a long way. Does he have a playbook or a series of patterns and set plays he likes to use?

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton


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      I just rewatched a very good video from Louis Cayer from the 2017 LTA National Coaches’ Conference on "An Integrated Approach to Footwork", that would serve Seiji well. A quick synopsis of his talk is 2 fold. 1) The concept of "Stop, Stop", where you get the ball and stop BEFORE the ball bounces, to set up properly (instead of chasing the ball). You also "stop" before your opponent makes contact on his/her shot. 2) The Spanish method of footwork where after the split step, the player lands sideways, on the leg furthest away from the oncoming ball, so you explode to the ball with either a "double rhythm" shuffle or a one step "crossover" move ("Law of Opposite Forces"). The mindset is that your opponent can't put a ball pass me. Most players run to an oncoming ball by initially facing the ball but the Spanish teach to land sideways on the furthest leg then take either the double rhythm or crossover. I googled - Louis Cayer "An Integrated Approach to Footwork" and the video appeared. Hope it's helpful.

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        You must be proud. Well done.


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