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A New Teaching System: One Handed Backhand: Preparation

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  • A New Teaching System: One Handed Backhand: Preparation

    Would love to get your thoughts on my latest article, "A New Teaching System: One Handed Backhand: Preparation"

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    Hello John,

    Do you believe that practicing a two handed backhand might improve a person's one handed backhand? I know that Don Budge and Pete Sampras both hit two handed backhands as youngsters before they developed their one handed backhands. Is it possible that a two handed backhand might make the unit turn more efficient?

    Norman Ashbrooke


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      As John McEnroe likes to say, anything is possible, but I think it's unlikely. Didn't know about Budge, but in the case of Sampras the elbow lead that got worse on his one-hander as time went on may have been a remnant of the two-hander. The biggest dissimilarity though is the rotational pattern of the torso.


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        As a youngster, Budge played baseball before he took up tennis. He would bat left handed as a kid, however he played tennis right handed and used his baseball swing for his two handed backhand. He of course changed to a one hander, however he always maintained that his baseball swing was the foundation for his backhand. I had the pleasure of playing doubles with Budge in the early 70's. His backhand was truly legendary.

        Norman Ashbrooke


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          Masterfully explained, John. Just loved this video article on the backhand prep. Excellent clips, too.
          I am enjoying re-watching the clips for my own visual training. Thank you!


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