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    It's funny because I never put these 6'11" guys in my list of GOAT servers. Looking at Karlovic's servings stats he probably has to be right at the top. But there is something unfair about the advantage of being 6'11" so I never put these beanstalks into my equations.

    Sampras is my serving GOAT followed, jointly, by Roger and Pancho Gonzales.


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      Originally posted by klacr View Post
      The joys of being 6'11".
      Leaving lots on the table and the mechanics aren't nearly as natural as Isner but he delivers what he needs to.
      He is actually the best mover of the BIG BIG three (Isner, Karlovic, Opelka) but the serve is more of a big cat swatting rather than a fluid and balanced motion.

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      I have mentioned this about his movement in another thread. He seems to have a very proportioned build for a 6'11" guy, not nearly as long legged as Isner. I think that helps his athleticism. I could see him winning a major.


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        I joined a webinar yesterday with Dr. Mark Kovacs, who has coached both Opelka and Isner. He was saying that Opelka is much more athletic because he played many more sports as a junior and worked on fitness from a young age. Where as Isner didn't do nearly as much till later on, around 17, I believe. Said the 2 were different types of athletes.


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