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Interactive Forum June 2020: Ugo Humbert Serve

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  • Interactive Forum June 2020: Ugo Humbert Serve

    Ugo Humbert Serve

    It's one of the better or maybe even the best lefty serves in tennis. Ugo Humbert, a 21 year old French player, cracked the top 50 before tennis stopped.

    What do you guys think of his motion? Especially the pinpoint stance? What about his split step recovery?

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    Pretty smooth, lefty advantage. He does a great job of keeping that back foot behind and not swinging out to the side like so many pinpoint servers do at the rec level. Nice game, bright future.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Delray Beach
    SETS Consulting


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      I can't get the clip to play. Anyone else having this problem?


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        Works for me. PC Chrome...anyone else?


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          Google Chrome works for me.


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            Okay it works in Chrome but not in Safari. I find it baffling that 99% of tennisplayer clips work in Safari but the odd few will only work in Chrome.

            I find his serve ugly. I think it's the giant step back gives it a horrible look. It's a good serve no doubt but not easy on the eye for someone like me who has always has Pancho Gonzales in his minds eye when building a serve. I still think Pancho's is the best.


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              The digital world is filled with mysteries... And yeah that is a major jump back...will possibly make sense when I put up his groundstrokes...


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                Reminds me a little of McEnroe without the sideways stance.


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                  Looks like a lot of work to me. Most the great servers, Federer, Roddick, Sampras have pretty simple motions which I think is why they're serves held up and sometimes even got better toward the end of the match.


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