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Interactive Forum June 2021: Karen Khachanov Backhand

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  • Interactive Forum June 2021: Karen Khachanov Backhand

    Karen Khachanov Backhand

    Karen’s backhand is relatively unique. Check out his arms. It’s a double straight arm hitting structure! Same as a couple of other great two handers. Named Rafa Nadal and Andre Agassi!

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    Interesting! With that backswing it looks like he’s hitting a return of serve every time. I’m guessing his spin levels on the backhand are way below the tour average. His backswings on both sides are definitely not the norm, but like the forehand from contact to extension he looks amazing. I’ll continue to use Andre as the double straight arm backhand model on my Coaches Eye app.


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      Wow, a beautiful clip. But you have to have good footwork to get ball in strike zone and need good core strength.


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        Reminds me a bit of Hewitt but with the racquet higher during unit turn. As another comment said I bet he doesn’t hit much topspin since he takes it back with both arms straight. Biomechanically I think it’s best to have back elbow bent during unit turn. I bet he used more open stance since he hits with both arms straight. He has a massive flip for a 2hbh because he has his palm down during the end of the preparation phase. Looks like he has the expected true continental with his bottom hand since he hits with both arms straight. I like his backhand aside from the straight arm take back of the back (left) arm.


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          What strikes me most clear as that the tip of the racquet never points upward during the takeback so there is almost no loop in the backswing.


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            Good point!


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