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    Originally posted by arturohernandez View Post

    I followed all that for once. My sense is that JY could just use his visual tennis approach to guide him. No need for fancy equipment.

    We can nitpick at his technique all day long. But throwing footballs or simply having an extremely loose arm would help it tremendously.

    It is surprising to see world class players with flaws.

    But my guess is that those who really scale to the top manage to work through them.

    Think about Djokovic and Nadal working on their serve. There were major flaws that they corrected. They were not willing to settle.

    I could see him making his serve better over time so that it would be less taxing and looser.

    HIs forehand, on the other hand, that is a whole different beast. Way too extreme and will likely shorten his career significantly.
    The quote above by Arturo should speak volumes to all players that everyone is a work in progress and that even the best players swallow their egos long enough to suffer a little temporary drop in performance when trying to initiate incremental techniique changes!


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