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Mastering the Slice Backhand: Part 3

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  • Mastering the Slice Backhand: Part 3

    Let's discuss John Craig's article, "Mastering the Slice Backhand: Part 3"

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    Great instruction there, I really like how John pointed out what we are seeking to feel with the slice bh, and the wrist staying stable. The wrist is certainly in the most stable position as it is set with maximum extension. Fed, the gold standard of slice bh's, does this so much better to me that Novak or Nadal.


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      I love how John keeps his knuckles up on his follow through and uses his left arm to brake any excessive shoulder turn.


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        Great video John. I like how you hold the finish on your slice. The slice is extremely versatile as you said. It has the largest lateral contact zone, largest height of contact zone and largest depth of contact zone! I have a couple guys close to 80 years old and I have them do exclusively slices on their backhand side because of this versatility.


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