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Interactive Forum August 2022: The Clay Court Slide

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  • Interactive Forum August 2022: The Clay Court Slide

    The Clay Court Slide

    Take a look at this amazing clip of Casper Rudd sliding on clay. Moving forward to hit a short angled winner, he slides into the shot, through the shot, and after the shot.

    Also note the start of his forward motion with his back foot actually moving backwards away from the direction of the shot.

    What do you guys think?

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    Remarkable how he used his right leg drop step to de-weight to initiate forward movement in the slippery clay to keep his balance in a sprinter style form with racket arm forward thrust and left arm reach back. It was also remarkable how, in second 21, he initiated his slide with his right foot, extreme dorsiflexed heel plant followed by the forefoot plant and rear leg foot drag which all enabled him to stay balanced with such a long reach and slide. Have clay sliding footwork and drills been presented yet, or did I just miss it?


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      Great camera work.


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        Nope. We just have very limited footage--not enough. But years ago we did put this up. Not much sliding though... Some though in the running sections...
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          I love the line of the slide how both feet follow the same path while he stays so balanced through what must be a 10 foot slide! But to me what is most impressive is how composed he is coming out of the slide recovering ready to track down a possible return. I know it is great camera work and slow motion but I can't help but notice how quiet he looks throughout this shot. This makes tennis look so cool!


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            I wish I could slide like that. Never could really pull it off on clay. I still use my small hard court steps. My feet are not very wide. My theory is that people with wider feet slide better. My son can pull of some mean slides and his feet are wider.

            Pure admiration is all I can feel.


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              Yep it's pretty cool...


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