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Interactive Forum November 2022: Roger Federer Forehand Drop Shot

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  • Interactive Forum November 2022: Roger Federer Forehand Drop Shot

    Roger Federer Forehand Drop Shot

    Gone but certainly not forgotten here is Roger’s masterful forehand drop shot. What do you guys say?

    See Chris Lewit compare it to another great forehand drop shot—by Carlos Alcaraz. (Click Here.)

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    No doubt, about as good as it gets.


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      You can really see how the ball changes from topspin to backspin if you look at the letters on the ball. Very cool. Technically, he disguises it well because it looks like he's going to hit a regular forehand with the left hand on the throat of the racket. And watch how still his head is through and after contact - just like on his groundstrokes. This clip is just amazing to wach!
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        Very cool to watch. Left shoulder closer to the net than the right shoulder at contact. Moving forward while hitting. And good disguise in part due to his topspin forehand grip being a bit eastern.


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          It seems like he takes off the incoming speed with forward body movement and loose hands like a baseball bunt or drop volley. He really doesn't create spin with much of a swing.


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