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Interactive Forum January 2023: Holger Rune Backhand

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  • Interactive Forum January 2023: Holger Rune Backhand

    Holger Rune Backhand

    So here are a few preliminary clips of Holger’s backhand. Hopefully more to come. But we can see a few things for sure.

    Unlike so many other top players, Holger has a bent/bent hitting arm structure, instead of the more typical bent front arm and straight back arm like Djokovic, Zverev and others.

    But his motion is fluid with good extension. And obviously he can hit open stance. What else do you see?

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    As I mentioned in another thread, I'm a big fan of getting the racquet further behind/back, rather than keeping it to the outside like a forehand. Rune has a wide and full takeaway. Djoker's is a little closer to his body on the way back (and Safin much closer). I love this backhand; huge power and can drive it so well.


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      It's pretty damn good!


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