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The One Handed Backhand: The Essential Non-Dominant Hand

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  • arturohernandez
    I had forgotten about this recently and was so intrigued by the video. I then immediately had an aha experience and wondered if that is what was my daughter was missing from her one handed backhand. She is 12 and has been hitting for a year after switching from a 2hbh.

    So I told her to very explicitly use the other hand to prepare. And voila her backhand had much better timing.

    She even asked me why I had not told her about this. Well, I had months before but this video reminded me of this.

    The only request I would make would be to make it into a written article with a few embedded clips for demonstration.

    The video seems slow and clunky to me compared to old school reading with a few videos.

    I realize that some people like video better so maybe I am just an exception.

    In any case. Thanks for the great lesson!

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  • johncraig
    Thanks Kyle for your valued input and perspective!

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  • klacr
    Key points that Mr. Craig makes. One of the most common issues with tennis players trying to learn is the inability to grasp (no pun intended) the idea and importance of using the non-dominant to help with the racquet. It helps with keeping the hitting hand/arm relaxed, initiates shoulder turn and promotes proper grip changes. Tennis is a two handed sport, as don_budge would probably agree or our old friend and forum poster Jeff McCullough wrote in his book "Two-Handed Tennis".

    My racquet technician I use also has had Ivan Lendl as a client for the better part of 20+ years. When he sees my racquets he notices the paint at the upper edges of the throat being worn away from my left hand and fingers grabbing and pulling at it in the exact same spot. He says that Lendl and many others, but especially Lendl used to do the same exact thing and on the same location as where I did it. If the use of the non-dominant hand works for Lendl, its certainly good enough for the rest of us.

    Great video John. Loving the backhand series.

    Kyle LaCroix USPTA
    Boca Raton
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