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Secrets of Roger Federer

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  • johnyandell
    started a topic Secrets of Roger Federer

    Secrets of Roger Federer

    Would love your thoughts on "Secrets of Roger Federer"

  • doctorhl
    My two cents on obvious, but necessary keys that Federer must possess to have had such a long, as well as great career. Donít know what percentages any of these keys might contribute to his success:

    On Court Mental: Controlled aggression which frees him to focus on anticipation, shot selection; ability to not dwell on errors.
    Technique: Impeccable footwork enabling him to never be rushed, receive ball in strike zone, and have opportunities to Implement a variety of shots.
    Conditioning: A technique which minimizes injuries; correct balance in type and amount of training??
    Sleep/Diet: 12 hours a day of sleep??- saying no to distractions to get 12 sleep hours may be the most difficult key of all-certainly required for optimal mental and muscle recovery at that level
    Scheduling: John discussed in article.
    Off court mental health: John discussed his well adjusted mentality. Was it due to professional sports psychology counseling, good family life, philanthropic and other non tennis interests???

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  • gzhpcu
    Great article. By the way, just read an article that Federer sleeps 12 hours a day...

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