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Interactive Forum July 2020: Ugo Humbert Forehand

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  • Interactive Forum July 2020: Ugo Humbert Forehand

    Ugo Humbert Forehand

    Last month we featured Ugo's left handed serve. (Click Here.) This month his forehand. It's a weapon but if you watch you can see he likes to hit it well behind the baseline, which probably explains his landing on the serve—he is getting ready to spring back. The other interesting thing I see is the early separation of his arms and his bent right elbow. Yet he gets to the full opposite arm stretch. Do you think that matters? It's somewhat similar to Sock. What else do you see?

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    I love it. Great next gen fh. Racket is very vertical in the pre-swing phase, which helps him with balance which helps him avoid mishitting/framing his shots. Racket head lags far behind the hand, which shows he's generating the racket head speed to overcome the weight of the ball coming in.


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      Interesting how he takes his right hand off the racket kind of early, with right elbow bent, but then both the right hand and left hand go back together in unison - as if tied together by a string. Reminds me of the Monster Memory article by David Stanisic


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