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Interactive Forum November 2020: Brandon Nakashima Serve

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  • Interactive Forum November 2020: Brandon Nakashima Serve

    Brandon Nakashima Serve

    So…great racket path, narrow stance, some body turn. Would Brian Gordon call that backswing "early entry" in relation to the leg drive? (Click Here.)

    What else do you see??

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    It looks like he barely avoids early entry. He sure seems to have more than normal weight shift to the front foot at the hesitation point. From your observations, is he within the optimal pro range for amount of weight shift at that point in time? Is his degree of racket arm elbow angle at the hesitation point falling within the optimal pro range of angle?


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      Looks early to me...On wieght shift it looks pretty even at full knee bend. Not sure what the otpimal pro range of elbow angle is? Or if it matters?


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        The drop looks a hair early to me too, but it’s really close. My heros always seem to sync up the turn and the deepest part of the knee bend simultaneously then the legs and racquet drop work together. His turn is so quick at the beginning he misses that synchronization point which may be why he’s ever so slightly early at the drop. My 2 cents


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          In Bruce Elliott's work ,the states that he maximum elbow flexion should stay close to 90 degrees but I see various slow motion videos (Wawrinka and others) where world class players collapse that upper arm / lower arm angle through the racquet drop.. thoughts?


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            My thought is I wouldn't argue with Bruce, but as you say many players bend further...Isner for one... To me it's less about trying to control that angle--which might be impossible--and more about getting the racket to the full drop position...


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