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Your Chance to Help Improve Tennisplayer

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  • Your Chance to Help Improve Tennisplayer


    If you find:

    a broken link

    an incorrect link

    a missing picture, or animation

    a missing Stroke Archive clip

    a duplicate Stroke Archive clip

    OR an obvious typo or other error

    OR something else you think needs attention


    We want to clean up these problems anywhere you find them on the site, so let us know!

    John Yandell
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    Hi John,

    Here's a curiosity. Two of the articles this month's issue (July 06) have html titles/names of "Mark Philippoussis topspin backhand."

    Pete Samrpas and the Two Step Volley and The Waves on the Shore have this problem.

    Click on the articles and then take a look along the border at the very top of the screen where page titles are displayed and you'll see what I mean. Using that backhand page as a template perhaps, then forgotting that minor detail of renaming the page with the html editor. Pretty common thing to do especially since that title field doesn't alter the functionality of the page or create any obvious errors/snags when designing it.


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      Roger Federer Serve Part 1 is titled "Two-Handed Backhand: the Forward Swing."

      Part 2 title is fine.

      Nadal's Forehand article is titled "Forehand Common Elements."


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        Thanks. We'll fix up the nomenclature...


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          I am having problems when i try to access the "your subscription" page.
          When I click on the "your subscription", the page doesnt open up.

          I have even posted another topic on this and saw this afterwards and posted here.
          I need to change my credit card details before i get charged on the same card again. So, it is really urgent.



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            Hi John,
            There is a problem when I try to login to tennis player.

            A message says "Unable to connect to MySql"

            Better check it out.

            The problem is happening with the main site and not the forum.



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              Yep! the whole site was down for most of Fri night and part of Sat--I was giving a clinic in LA and didn't notice. We're back now!



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                Roscoe Tanner Serve Interactive

                Hi John, on the Roscoe Tanner interactive section of the July 2006 issue, the click bars on two of the 3 videos are now not visible so I am not able to view those videos.

                Hopefully, someone can fix that.




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                  Just click on the photo and use the arrows on the bottom of your key board. It's some anomoly but the keys work great.



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                    Thanks John. I'll try that.


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                      bizarre opportunity

                      months ago i offered to edit all of your articles to be posted on this site since i do that for a living and most all of the articles on here are poorly written. i was turned down, but now you want the input of all of the joe-blows that are not writers. bizarre.

                      can we make recommendations when you fail to point out the real causes of proper execution of the sweet spot on the ball instead of the many aspects of strokes highlighted on here that have nothing to do with a successful stroke. just curious about what kind of real improvement is wanted.


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                        Uh, OK, that's hostile.

                        But if you read the post, you might have noticed that what I'm looking for is mainly the identification of broken links, typos, etc.

                        And actually this thread has been up for months and had nothing to do with you or your other communications. (Which were also hostile.) And I'm sorry, but it's disrespectful to refer to your fellow subscribers as "joe-blows." A lot of them know a lot about tennis if you follow the Forum.

                        If you have some insight you'd like to post about any aspect of the game, it's obvious you could just start a thread. If you think you can strike a civil tone.

                        But if the tone of this post is an example of how you would edit articles, I think you (and everyone else) can see why I have less than zero interest.

                        If you are so unhappy with Tennisplayer I suggest you just cancel your subscription.

                        Or maybe the point of this post is that you just wanted to lash out. In any case, it's weak!
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                          for the video

                          Instead of canceling my subscription, please know that I refer this site to tons of people. I love this site for the video. (You should at least like me for the business that I send your way.)

                          John, you are exactly right. I have been less than civil. My bad. Problem was (my personal problem I mean) that I had asked several 5.0 friends to read a section of an article...and all of us were not quite sure what you meant...so I offered to help write stuff so that everyone could understand the meaning. Admittedly I was offended at how you turned down my free offer because I was excited to help make this site better.

                          I think that because of how you bash "typical" tennis instruction, I developed a more sour attitude towards that same old school tennis instruction and it leaked over into what I read on this site. As I step back and think about it, I am very glad that we all have differing opinions...it's part of what makes life interesting....and my opinions are just opinions as well.

                          I apologize to all of us "joe-blows." But, I was only referring tennis players who are not writers...not joe-blows as tennis players.


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                            menu bar

                            Don't if anyone mentioned yet, but when navigating through site the left menu list is missing some items...for example I went to the Search page and searched on "hurt" to try to locate the article by Nick B. The search page and results page were missing menu items.


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                              The Contact Move - Pivot Moves

                              In the Footword Section 'The Contact Move - Pivot Moves' URL links back to 'The Contact Move - Spin Moves'


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