Developing an ATP Forehand
Part 1: The Dynamic Slot

Brian Gordon, PhD

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With the BEST system, anyone can develop the elements of an ATP forehand.

In this exclusive series of articles for Tennisplayer, I am presenting a new approach to understanding, learning and teaching tennis. The initial articles will cover the forehand, specifically our forehand model which is similar to what you see on the ATP tour. But then they will progress to the two-handed backhand and the serve as well.

This approach is different than previous teaching systems in a fundamental way. This is because it is based on years of quantitative biomechanical research, research that is also combined with extensive on court work with elite players and coaches.

The on court work has been conducted over the past two years at the Rick Macci Tennis Academy in Boca Raton, Florida. This on court development, guided by the quantitative research and analysis, has led to the development of a teaching system Rick and I call Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique, or the BEST system for short.

This initial series of articles will be an overview, based on coaching presentations I have done that attempt to simplify and make the BEST concepts accessible in the wider world of teaching and playing. John Yandell and I have worked back and forth on this article many times to present the information in a fashion he feels will be the most beneficial to Tennisplayer subscribers.

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Dr. Brian Gordon has changed the understanding of the biomechanics of high level tennis technique. His Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique (BEST) is the only empirically based stroke mechanics system in the world, growing from three decades of both academic and applied on court research. He is a founder of the Tennis Center for Performance Research in Miami, Florida, which is creating a new paradigm for player development. The center has assembled an unprecedented group of specialists with cutting edge knowledge across the entire range of tennis performance.

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