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Physical Training

Marc Kovacs, PhD
Oncourt Training For Tennis

Dynamic Warm Up and Strengthening - NEW

Scott Riewald, PhD
Injury Prevention

Preventing Serving Injuries
Preventing Wrist Injuries
Hip Injuries and the Open Stance Forehand
Open Stance Forehand: Injuries and Prevention

Pat Etcheberry
Pro Secrets of Cross Training

Introduction and Warm Up
The Stretch
Stage 1: Aerobic Conditioning
Stage 1: Weight Training: Upper Body
Stage 1: Weight Training: Lower Body
Stage 2: Aerobic and On Court Day
Stage 2: Additional On Court Drills
Pro Secrets of Cross Training: Stage 2 Weight Training
Pro Secrets of Cross Training: Stage 5
Pro Secrets of Cross Training: Stage 6: Recovery

Giancarlo Andreani
My Etcheberry Adventure

Paul Roetert
Periodization for Tennis

What is Periodization?
The Four Phases
A Dynamic Warm Up
Stretching Part 1
Stretching Part 2
Strength Training: Lower Body Machines
Strength Training: Lower Body Free Weights
Strength Training: Trunk
Strength Training: Trunk Extensions
Strength Training: Rotator Cuff
Strength Training: Upper Body Part 1
Strength Training: Upper Body Part 2
Strength Training: Forearm and Wrist
Quickness and Agility Drills
More Quickness and Agility Drills
Ball and Racket Drills
More Ball and Racket Drills

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