Science of Biomechanics

Section Overview

Sean O'Neil
On Court with Dr. Brian Gordon - NEW

Brian Gordon
Height in Pro Tennis

Brian Gordon
The Forward Swing
The Take Back and Dynamic Slot
The Two Handed Backhand: Optimizing the Muscles
The Two Handed Backhand: The Three General Types

Brian Gordon
Understanding Professional Forehands: Part 1
Understanding Professional Forehands: Part 2
The 4 Pillars of the Type III ATP Forehand
Have Tennis Coaches Failed Female Athletes?
Women's Tennis and the ATP Forehand
Quantifying Shot Outputs
Next Version of the ATP Forehand
Realities of the Straight Arm Forehand
Developing an ATP Forehand Part 2: The Forward Swing
Developing an ATP Forehand Part 1: The Dynamic Slot

Brian Gordon
Developing a High Level Serve
What is the Optimum Stance?
Synchronizing the Legs
The Hesitation Point
Rotations in the Upward Swing
Twist Versus Forward Rotation

Brian Gordon
Upward Swing on the Serve: Most Complex Motion in Sports?
Introduction to 3D Analysis
3D Analysis: The Serve Wind Up
The Serve and Tennis Science
The Serve Backswing: Part 1
The Serve Backswing: Part 2
The Serve in 3D: The Upward Swing Part 1
The Serve in 3D: The Upward Swing Part 2

Paul Hamori MD
The Most Important Bones in Tennis
The Ball Bounce at 10,000 Frames Per Second
Contact at 10,000 Frames Per Second

Dr. Ben Kilber
The Serving Nodes
Cocking, Loading, and the Back Foot
The Pull Serve Versus the Push Serve

Archie Dan Smith, MD
Understanding Mental Imagery: Part 2
Understanding Mental Imagery: Part 1
Understanding Muscle Memory: Part 2
Understanding Muscle Memory: Part 1

Chas Stumpfel
Setting Up the Shoulder Rotations on a World Class Serve
Internal Shoulder Rotation: Key to Serving Power

Dr. Jack Groppel
Developing an Attacking Volley
Correcting Common Stroke Errors

Bruce Elliot
The Power Serve Part 1
The Power Serve Part 2

Greg Ryan
The Serve: A Research Overview

John Yandell
The Open and Square Stance Forehand