Science of Biomechanics

Section Overview

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Brian Gordon
The Forward Swing
The Take Back and Dynamic Slot
The Two Handed Backhand: Optimizing the Muscles
The Two Handed Backhand: The Three General Types

Brian Gordon
Quantifying Shot Outputs
Next Version of the ATP Forehand
Realities of the Straight Arm Forehand
Developing an ATP Forehand Part 2: The Forward Swing
Developing an ATP Forehand Part 1: The Dynamic Slot

Brian Gordon
Developing a High Level Serve
Probation! - NEW
What is the Optimum Stance?
Synchronizing the Legs
The Hesitation Point
Rotations in the Upward Swing
Twist Versus Forward Rotation

Brian Gordon
Introduction to 3D Analysis
3D Analysis: The Serve Wind Up
The Serve and Tennis Science
The Serve Backswing: Part 1
The Serve Backswing: Part 2
The Serve in 3D: The Upward Swing Part 1
The Serve in 3D: The Upward Swing Part 2

Dr. Ben Kilber
The Serving Nodes
Cocking, Loading, and the Back Foot
The Pull Serve Versus the Push Serve

Chas Stumpfel
Setting Up the Shoulder Rotations on a World Class Serve
Internal Shoulder Rotation: Key to Serving Power

Dr. Jack Groppel
Developing an Attacking Volley
Correcting Common Stroke Errors

Bruce Elliot
The Power Serve Part 1
The Power Serve Part 2

Greg Ryan
The Serve: A Research Overview

John Yandell
The Open and Square Stance Forehand