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Strategy and Statistics

Craig O'Shannessy
Rediscovering the Forced Error
Winners and Errors: A New Definition
First Strike Tennis: All Levels
First Strike Tennis
The Magic Number One
The New Magic Numbers
Suffering and Service Returns: How Novak Won the 2012 Australian
How Djokovic Dominates Nadal

Brad Gilbert
The Set-up Game
The Set-up Point

Nick Bollettieri and Lance Luciani
The Strategy Zone: Introduction
The Strategy Zone: Rally Control
The Strategy Zone: Serve Control
The Strategy Zone: Return Control
The Strategy Zone Phase 2: "Hurt"
The Strategy Zone: The Groundstroke Finishes
The Strategy Zone: The Swinging Volley
The Transition and Net Finish
The Serve and Volley Finish

George Zink
Opening the Court
Pattern 8 - NEW
Pattern 7 - NEW
Pattern 6
Pattern 5
Pattern 4
Pattern 3
Pattern 2
Pattern 1

Ray Reppert
The Challenge Zone

Kyle LaCroix
Serve and Volley: Summary
Serve and Volley: Implementation Drills: Part 2
Serve and Volley: Implementation Drills
Serve and Volley: Three Critical Shots
Serve and Volley: Tactical Components
The Serve and Volley Mentality
The Inspiration to Serve and Volley

Mark Hodgkinson
The Bryan Brothers: Principles of Winning Doubles

Geoff Williams
The Warrior Sport

Bill Previdi
Why Poaching is Overrated
Returning in the System
Serving in the System
Beating Lobbers
The Hunter and the Helper
Introduction to the System

Craig Cignarelli
Pro Patterns: Basic Diagonals
Pro Patterns: Switching the Rally
Pro Patterns: The Inside Out Diagonal
Pro Patterns: The Angle
Pro Patterns: Serve and Return
Pro Patterns: Situational and Scenario Analysis: Part 1
Pro Patterns: Situational and Scenario Analysis: Part 2

Marcel Crok and Bart Theelen
Federer versus Nadal: Three Overlooked Factors

Jeff McCullough
The Favorite and the Underdog: Understanding Match Dynamics

Joel Drucker
Confessions of a Tennis Disruptor

Larry Jurovich
Components of Match Play: Tactics and Patterns
The Four Components of Match Play

Paul Lockwood
Understanding the Service Box

Mahboob Khan
The Tactical Universe

Louis Cayer
Doubles Playing Styles

Dave Hagler
Women's Doubles and Your Doubles
Shot Selection: Foundation of Tactics
Playing Styles Revisited

Leo Giraldi
Defending the Lob

Dexter Godbey
Your Temperament and Your Tennis

Frank Brennan
Timeless Principles of Winning Strategy

Allen Fox
Winning Matches
The Transition Volley
Winning Baseline Exchanges
Winning at the Net
Game Plan

Allen Fox
Doubles Strategy
Doubles Strategy Part 1: The Service Game
Doubles Strategy Part 2: The Return Game

John Yandell
A Few Matches I Lost and How
Adapting Your Game to Win Matches
The Serve and Swinging Volley: Next Revolution?
Three Secrets for Destroying Pushers

John Yandell
Understanding Statistics
The Wimbledon Final 2008: Greatest Match Ever?
Roger Federer versus Rafael Nadal: Round 3
How Roger Federer Won the US Open
How Roger Federer Won Wimbledon 2006
How Rafael Nadal Won the 2006 French Open
The Unknown Statistic: The Forced Error
The Aggressive Margin and Your Game
Going Inside Your Matches