Teaching Systems

Section Overview

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John Yandell
A New Teaching System
Doing Your Own Side by Side Analysis
Doing Your Own High Speed Video Analysis Simply and Inexpensively

The Forehand
Progressive Development
The Forehand Keying Process
The "Imaginary" Modern Forehand
Body Rotation
More on the Wrist and Extreme Grips
The Wrist
Hitting Arm Structures
The Windshield Wiper
The Forward Swing
Preparation Part 2
Preparation Part 1
Grips Part 2
Technical Characteristics: Part 2
Technical Characteristics: Part 1

The One Handed Backhand
Executing Your One Hand Backhand Model
Building Your One Hand Backhand Model
Hand, Arm and Racket Rotation
Forward Swing

The One Handed Backhand Slice
The Extreme Slice Backhand Model - New
Slice Backhand Ball Flights
The Modern Slice For Two Handers
The Modern Slice
The Classic Slice

The Two Handed Backhand
Keying Your Two Hander
Two Handed Backhand Stances
Windshield Wiper
Hitting Arm Shapes
Forward Swing

The Serve
Swing Keys
Progressive Development
Second Serve Spins and Placements
1st Serve Spins and Placements
A Complete Teaching Progression
The Second Serve
Body Rotation
The Role Of the Legs
The Trophy Position
Contact Point
Swing Path
Technical Elements

Further Thoughts
Serving Mystery: Hit Up Or Hit Down?
The Serve

Welby Van Horn
Secrets of a True Master
Introduction to My System
Secrets of a True Master: Balance
Balance Checkpoints: The Forehand
Balance Checkpoints: The Two-Handed Backhand
Learning and Perfecting the Serve
The Volleys in My Teaching System
The One-Handed Backhand: Balance Checkpoints

Kerry Mitchell
The Lesson Process: The Serve: Part 2
The Lesson Process: The Serve: Part 1
The Lesson Process: Backhand
The Lesson Process: Forehand

Rick Macci
Starting Kids Right: The Backhand
Starting Kids Right: The Forehand
Starting Players Right: The First Fundamental

Brent Abel
All Court Tennis: How to Win a National Title
All Court Tennis: The Grips
All Court Tennis: Tennis That Lasts a Lifetime

Michael Friedman
The Five Fundamentals: The Forehand Stroke and Finish
The Five Fundamentals: Position on the Ball: The Serve
The Five Fundamentals: Position on the Ball: Volleys and Returns
The Five Fundamentals: Position on the Ball: Part 1
The Five Fundamentals: Preparation
The Five Fundamentals: Ready Position

Dave Hagler
Comfort and Power Zones - New
Developing Touch: Drop Shots
Spacing: the Final Frontier: Swing Volleys
Spacing: the Final Frontier: Part 4
Spacing: the Final Frontier: Part 3
Spacing: the Final Frontier: Part 2
Spacing: the Final Frontier: Part 1
Exaggerated Learning: Groundstrokes
Exaggerated Learning: The Serve
Teaching Balance

Joe Dinoffer
Developing Junior Players: Introduction
Developing the Serve: Part 2
A New Forehand Teaching Progression
Forehand Shot Making

Dave Kensler
Is Open Stance for You? (Yes)

John Yandell
Converting Tennisplayer File Formats
Using the Resources of Tennisplayer
Using the Resources of Tennisplayer: Part 2

William T. Tilden II
That Mad, Crazy Thrill
Spin and Its Effects
Attack and Defense
Playing a Tennis Player
The Birth of My Backhand
The Accidental Volley
The All Court Game

John Yandell
Visual Tennis
Off Court Visualization
Ritualizing Your Game
Mental Imagery in Building Strokes
Three Lessons I Learned From Rafa in Miami--and You Can Too
Imagery and Elite Players: Justine Henin's Forehand
Mental Imagery: Synthesizing the Physical and Mental Games
Visual Tennis: An Alternative Approach
The McEnroe Case Study