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Miller Forehand - NEW
Anthony Forehand
Sam Forehand

Tyler Zink Serve

Alan 1st and 2nd Serves

Luke: One Handed Backhand

Sai Serve
Ingrid Neel Serve

"Shroud" Forehand
Kyle LaCroix Forehand

Rohan Gupta Forehand

Francis Tiafoe: Serve
Ryan Dickerson: Backhand
Ryan Dickerson: Forehand

Evan Chiang Serve
Chris Thurstone Forehand
Eva So Forehand
TLM's Extreme Grip Forehand
"Modern" Club Play: The Windshield Wiper
"Modern" Club Play: Fully Open Stance
Ted Gregory: One Handed Backhand

Esaam Ismail: Serve
Larry Landsman: Slice Backhand
Arthur Gosnell: Serve
Param Srinivas: Forehand
Katrina Allick: Volleys

Gayahtri Evani: Two Handed Backhand
Norman Ashbrooke Serve
Phil Picuri Forehand
Alex Mikhailov One-Handed Backhand
Danielle Dotzenrod Forehand Evolution
Danielle Dotzenrod Backhand
Jonathan Ryle Serve
Danielle Dotzenrod Forehand

Jeff Greenwald Serve
Gavin Rossdale Forehand
Amber Park Forehand
Todd Haydon Serve
Andy Roddick's Backhand: April 2009
Kyle Doppelt Serve: Contact Point: February 2009
Jelena Jankovic: Serve: January 2009

John Chen Forehand September 2008
Bryan Yeager One Handed Backhand June 2008
Sumner Chase Two-Handed Backhand January 2008

Jacky Duchamp Forehand December 2007
Ching Lee Forehand September 2007
Ching Lee Serve August 2007
Ron Milenko One-Handed Backhand July 2007
Olivier Lingbeek: Serve April 2007

John Daly Serve Part 2 December 2006
Bob Farese: Forehand Volley November 2006
John Daly Serve Part 1 October 2006
Kevin Bryant Forehand September2006
Kyle Doppelt Serve August 2006
Your Strokes: Allan Murphy Forehand July 2006
Barry Gaines: Forehand June 2006
Paul Goldstein: Serve May 2006 Part 2
Paul Goldstein: Serve April 2006
Giancarlo Andreani: Two-Handed Backhand March 2006
Phil Picuri: Serve: February 2006
Kevin Patrick: Forehand: January 2006

Paulo Caneiro: Forehand: December 2005
Carl Sutherland: Slice Backhand: November 2005
Shooter McMarco: Backhand: October 2005
Will Campbell Forehand: September 2005
Vin Miller Serve: August 2005
Andy Plunkett 1 Handed Backhand: July 2005
Mike Widell Forehand: June 2005
Megan Mathews Forehand: May 2005
Fred Bye Forehand: April 2005