The Serve:

Dr. Brian Gordon

Of all the technical issues in serving the choice of stance is one of the mostly debated - often hotly. In this fifth segment in his amazing series, Brian outlines his view that the platform stance is the most effective and efficient way to generate ground forces that in turn set up the various rotations he has outlined in previous articles.

A Note on the Audio: John Yandell pleads operator error and explains that the hiss, crackle, pop in this and the next segment was the result of his failure to monitor the connection of Brian's microphone—but the info is all there and comprehensible—luckily—or it would have meant another trip to Miami...

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Dr. Brian Gordon has changed the understanding of the biomechanics of high level tennis technique. His Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique (BEST) is the only empirically based stroke mechanics system in the world, growing from three decades of both academic and applied on court research. He is a founder of the Tennis Center for Performance Research in Miami, Florida, which is creating a new paradigm for player development. The center has assembled an unprecedented group of specialists with cutting edge knowledge across the entire range of tennis performance.

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