Understanding Professional
Forehands: Part 1

Dr. Brian Gordon

The pillars of the Type III ATP forehand are defined by the forward swing, independent of the backswing and followthrough.

My previous article described the Four Pillars of the Type III ATP forehand. (Click Here.)

These pillars are exclusively defined by attributes of the forward swing – that is, they are independent of the backswing and follow through. The Four Pillars are:

The Four Pillars

  1. Fractionation, or assigning racquet velocity sources to unique body rotations.
  2. Independent contribution of the hitting arm.
  3. Linearization of the hand path.
  4. Neuromuscular enhancement of vertical racquet head speed acquisition.

The Type III forehand is an ATP forehand model based on biomechanical research, neuromuscular theory and experimentation on the court. Models explicitly filter individual outlier characteristics to arrive at a technical composite indicating what optimal technique might look like from a biomechanical perspective.

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Dr. Brian Gordon has changed the understanding of the biomechanics of high level tennis technique. His Biomechanically Engineered Stroke Technique (BEST) is the only empirically based stroke mechanics system in the world, growing from three decades of both academic and applied on court research. He is a founder of the Tennis Center for Performance Research in Miami, Florida, which is creating a new paradigm for player development. The center has assembled an unprecedented group of specialists with cutting edge knowledge across the entire range of tennis performance.

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